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Add Value To Your Home With Landscaping


Every realtor will tell you that landscaping is important. It helps create “curb appeal”. A prospective buyer may take your house off of their list when there’s no landscaping. Is it possible to landscape your yard yourself? You can do it yourself and save a substantial amount of money at the same time. You must realize, though, that while a landscaping project can be a difficult task, it is also rewarding when you are finished. Before you even begin to start planning, take a tour of your neighborhood. Look closely at the houses you think have attractive yards. Take a picture of them and make notes on what your neighbors have done. For the best Sod2Day.com This will help you develop a plan that will fit into your neighborhood. To begin a landscape project, you should draw up a plan. Go through your yard and decide what it is you want to accomplish. Draw up a landscaping plan on paper by outlining your yard, your house and garage and walkways. Make a note of anything such as flower beds or shrubs that you want to keep and the location of any trees on your property. Be realistic about how much sunlight your yard gets. A small bed between two houses may be in shade most of the day. A bed of ground cover that is under a tree may need plants that are shade tolerant. Tale a trip to a garden center to look at the plants that are available for your area. Garden centers are generally staffed with individuals who know the sun, shade and water requirements of the plants they have. They are often happy to make suggestions about what plants work best in your area. Make sure you draw out your plans before you begin. Look at the plants you already have in your yard so that you can keep as many of those as possible. If you can do this, you can save money enough to put into larger shrubs or trees. If you plan a flower bed, make sure you mark your lawn so you can see what the shape will look like. Use a garden hose to mark the edges of a proposed bed. Remember that you probably can’t redo your landscaping in one afternoon. Pick a place to start and work your way around your yard. Stop occasionally to look at what you’ve done. That way, if there’s something you want to change, you can do so before you get too far along in your plan.

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Author:Beverly Daniels