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Custom Heat Transfers


A heat transfer machine or a heat transfer press is a machine that utilizes heat to press a transfer onto an imprint-able object, and this could be mouse pads, plates, handbags, cap and t-shirt and many other items.

In prior day, hand irons could be used for easy application of little ones, but the cost of custom heat transfer machine have dropped and certain give a more expert look, and can apply transfers to larger variety of materials.

Further, a more expert look is obtained using a heat press because it is a mixture of pressure and heat and that make a remarkable looking transfer and force required can be up to 70-80 psi which is harder to get using an iron.

What is the Difference between press and sublimation method?

What is the difference between sublimation and this press technique? The idea answer here is that sublimation permeates the outside coating of the particular medium whereas a heat transfer applies some but not all the ink to the stuff while leaving some of the paper. Anyway, we see sublimation used on solid material as well as synthetic fabrics such as imprinting on license plates, coffee mugs on hundred percent polyester t-shirts.

What kinds are simple to work with for beginners?

Transfers made with color copiers

Plastisol transfers

Transfers made with ink-jet paper

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For beginners and starters just getting into applying custom heat transfers to shirts from next day t shirt printing and other products, we advised with color copier or plastisol transfers as are typical when you buy pre-printed transfers from suppliers. You can also have the supplier make custom transfers for you with your own design. In this case, having a professional heat transfer producer supply you with your transfers is much simple to get your business begun without learning a fully new area.

Once you get going, then you can move on to printing and designing your own transfers using program and a best printer. This technique is certainly gaining in status with some training you can fast make amazing looking graphics, and more vitally get them onto your t-shirts or products fast and inexpensively.

We do advise bubble-jet printers that uses water-soluble inks as there are more hard to applying and can wash out after a few washes. Instead, a perfect ink-jet printer will do the work and can generate some amazing looking transfers.



Author:Beverly Daniels