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How to do the radio commercial productions


How to do the radio commercial production:

Although we know that our “works of art” will have a short and ephemeral life without the possibility of transcending the passage of centuries as the Mona Lisa has done. But its okay, resignation is part of the process and to explain it better will divide it into 6 parts.

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1. Understand the customer’s message

Most clients want to generate some kind of action in the audience. They want them to get out of their seat and acquire their products and services. But there are other customers who are looking to inform their consumers or create Brand Awareness. You also have to understand the “how”. What is the way the client wants to communicate his message? The forms are very varied.

  • Through a testimonial
  • By means of a Jingle
  • Telling a story
  • Informing

2. Writing the commercial script

You can know the benefits and virtues of the product with certainty as well as its details and characteristics. At this point, you can review our article concerning the writing of radio spots.

3. Creating the environment

Music, as it is well known, has the ability to modify our mood. A spot correctly musician, with the right message, voice, tone, and intention, could only be considered a work of art.

4. Choosing the voice of the speaker

There are times when we need to “talk to the ear” to the consumer. Motivation should be conveyed to him as “advice” and not as something he “should” do.

5. Uniting the parts

To achieve good mastering we need software to edit audio with multi-track capability. It should give us the flexibility to place each element first separately, adjust it and then make a final mix. 6. Review / evaluation. Sometimes what seems to be a good idea on paper turns out not to be in the finished audio. There are often significant differences in written language and spoken language for how to do the radio commercial production : https://commercialkings.com/what-are-voice-overs-used-for/

Author:Beverly Daniels